Junagarh fort

The foundation of the Junagarh Fort was marked by Raja Rai Singh in the year 1593 AD. On visiting the fort you will be able to witness the splendid architecture of the palace. The architectural brilliance will make you wonder about the remarkable skills of craftsmen of that era.
The Jungarh Fort has a number of attractions. The presence of a number of mahals in the form of Ganga Niwas, Anup Mahal Rang Mahal and other mahals are also a major attraction for the tourists. There is also a beautiful temple named Har Mandir. This temple has gods and goddesses and was worshipped by the royal family. Hence, a visit to the temple will also reveal the culture and tradition of the place.

History of Junagarh Fort
Junagarh Fort is an impressive fort of Northern India famous for its magnificent architecture, design, and decoration. This imposing fortress was built in1593 A.D by Raja Rai Singh, Army General of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was also the sixth ruler of the city of Bikaner, who ruled it from 1571 to 1612 AD. This fort is attacked several times but never been conquered. Only Kamaran Mirza, who was the son of Babur was able to capture the fort but couldn’t even retain his hold for more than one day.